Leheriya Stole

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Leheriya Stole

Stole Be On the Trend, GajiSilk.com Presents to you Beautiful Bandhani Stole , Shibori and Tie-Dye Stole

Leheriya Stole The word Bandhani has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Bandhan” which means “tying”. Basically, it connects to the traditional Indian tie-dye process to produce beautiful prints and patterns on a piece of fabric. It requires a lot of patience and talent and is carried out with love. The process basically involves tying the fabric with a thread in various patterns and then dyeing it with colours. When labourers dye the fabric, the part tied with thread remains white as it does not absorb the colour. Once the fabric dries out, it is left in the open air to dry. Finally, unique patterns are printed on various fabrics to produce a bandhani stole.

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