Banarasi Dupatta

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Showing all 14 results

Banarasi Dupattas Most Ancient And Legendary Designes More then  500 Years Old Traditional Design And Arts  In Bandhani , Ajrak , Shibori , Gharchola , etc : Checkout some Exclusive Dupatta For You !!

Embracing Fashion with Traditional Dupattas Online From GajiSilk.Com

Banarasi Dupattas Bandhani dupattas: 

The tie-dye textile of India, hailing from Kutch

Bandhani, comes alive as a wonderful fabric for dupattas. While tying the thread at different spots, you can expect great precision.

The hand-Made By Muslim Khatri’s Of Kutch Which Designed  traditional dupattas in Bandhani style can be teamed with different outfits.

As far as modern-day outfits are concerned, women may drape the bandhani dupatta with a pair of jeans And Traditional Out Fits.

There are millions of ways to style the bandhani dupattas but getting your hands on the right fabric is a big challenge.

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