Chandrokhani Dupatta

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Chandrokhani Dupatta Ancient Traditional Designer’s Pattern Also know as Chandra Khandi !


Chandrokhani Dupatta BandhaniDupatta Most Ancient And Legendary Designes More then  500 Years Old Traditional Design And Arts  In Bandhani , Ajrak , Shibori , Gharchola , etc : Checkout some Exclusive Dupatta For You !!

Embracing Fashion with Traditional Dupattas Online From GajiSilk.Com

Bandhani dupattas: 

The tie-dye textile of India, hailing from Kutch

Bandhani, comes alive as a wonderful fabric for dupattas. While tying the thread at different spots, you can expect great precision.

The hand-Made By Muslim Khatri’s Of Kutch Which Designed  traditional dupattas in Bandhani style can be teamed with different outfits.

There are millions of ways to style the bandhani dupattas but getting your hands on the right fabric is a big challenge.

The bandhani dupattas, with their colors, create brightness to your surroundings and adds a festive touch to your outfit.

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